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Enquiries? Complaints? Suggestions?

How we improve the quality of service to our clients?

Every day all of us here at PrivatBank do our utmost to improve the quality of service to our customers. To be more accessible, we open new branches, ATMs and self-service terminals. We train our staff so that they are the most polite and professional bankers in the country. We make our products even more simple and transparent, so that there are no hidden fees, and customers always know how much and for what they pay.

The Bank Code of Ethics says that the customer is our main asset. And believe us that this is not a platitude.

According to IVR surveys of clients, the majority are satisfied with the level and quality of services. Learn how we achieved it and what we do to offer you even better service.

We are keen to ensure that PrivatBank officers are the most polite and professional staff you will encounter

So we employ the most deserving and competent professionals and pay them higher salaries than their counterparts in other banks.

Recently, PrivatBank started regularly calling the clients who come to our branches in order to solicit feedback on their level of satisfaction with our services. Currently, 99.5% of our customers are satisfied and give us a positive comment! In addition, there are posters in all bank branches with the phone number for compaints about quality of service via SMS.ïð

We fight queues.

PrivatBank has nearly 2 million customers, so we regret to admit that sometimes we have queues in our branches.

To fight the queues, we resort to various methods. Firstly, we keep on growing, even though we already have the biggest network among the commercial banks of the country.

Even despite we already have the biggest network among the commercial banks of the country.

ÂSecondly, we offer our customers the most advanced channels of self-service. Our great services, such as Internet bank Privat24, SMS banking help you to perform almost everything you used to do in bank branches!

We help our customers do not go overdue loans

We sincerely strive to ensure our customers not to pay extra commission on loans, so we regular remind them about the timing of payments. We send SMS- and email-reminders all our customers about when and in what amounts they should to re-pay their loans.

No, we're not crazy. We really want our customers to have no sense of frustration because they had to pay an extra fee due to the fact that they did not realise or have forgotten about their payments.

We keep being among the most innovative banks of the world.

We are constantly seeking new ways to make our services more convenient and beneficial for our customers.

Our customers were the first in the world who started using one-time SMS passwords (OTPs). We were the first bank that started to work without coins by transferring the change to the phone account or card. We were the first in Europe to offer our customers payment mini-terminals, which accept card payments via smartphone… And the list goes on and on!

Obviously, this text cannot tell you about everything we do to make you, our valued customer, satisfied with our services. But we hope we have managed to get our message across to you: our top priority is to make you satisfied with us.

In conclusion, we would like to tell you what we always say to all our customers: "If you see any area where we could offer you better service, please, let us know about it! E-mail your suggestions to: nick@pbank.com.ua".