24 October 2014
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General Information

PrivatBank - General Information

PrivatBank has many times been announced as "The Best Bank in Ukraine"

The Commercial bank PrivatBank was founded in 1992. Currently PrivatBank is one of the most dynamically developing Ukrainian banks and occupies the leading positions in the national banking ratings. As of January 1st, 2009, PrivatBank's total net assets equaled UAH80.165 billion. The statute fund of the bank comprised UAH5.68 billion, and property assets were UAH7.67 billion. The credit portfolio of the bank made UAH72. 788 billion. The financial result of PrivatBank for four quarters of 2008 totaled UAH1.291 billion.

At the end of 2008 Global Finance magazine, for the seven year in a row, acknowledged PrivatBank as the Best bank in Ukraine. Global Finance also acknowledged PrivatBank as the best bank in Ukraine in the annual nomination of The Best Emerging Market Bank 2005. Financial and analytic magazine The Banker, based on results of research proceded in 2000 and in 2002, awarded the The Bank of the Year rank to PrivatBank. Another influential magazine, Euromoney, for four years in a row - in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, as well as 2005 - acknowledged PrivatBank as the best bank of Ukraine.

PrivatBank also is a leader among the Ukrainian commercial banks for number of clients: its services are used by more than 23% population of Ukraine population.  

PrivatBank is a modern universal bank

Possessing a general license from National Bank of Ukraine for conducting bank transactions, PrivatBank carries a complete spectrum of bank services available in the domestic market for corporate and individual clients, in full accordance with international standards. The long-term interests of our clients are the main priorities of the bank. Our highly skilled team of specialists and personal managers carry the responsibility of providing high-quality services, which are timely and exactly meet all of our customers' demands. Inculcating the new types of banking and constantly perfecting the complex of bank services, PrivatBank currently serves 420 thousand corporate clients and small businesses, and over 13 million individual accounts. As of January 1st, 2009 the amount of deposits from legal entities to PrivatBank comprised UAH20.735 billion, including legal-entity deposit portfolio of UAH12.430 billion. The amount of deposits from individual clients comprised UAH32.754 billion, the highest total among Ukrainian banks, including the individual-client deposit portfolio as UAH27.1 billion.  

PrivatBank is the socially oriented bank

Successive policy of strengthening the bank's stability and perfection servicing, PrivatBank considers it one of its priorities to develop the complex of hi-tech services to individual clients. At the moment, the bank offers more than 150 types of the most modern services, among which are account servicing, deposit operations, plastic card products, numerous programs on the consumer crediting, partnership projects with leading Ukrainian and foreign companies (media, real-estate, mobile, autoproducers, etc). PrivatBank was empowered by the government of Ukraine to proceed payments of pensions and social assistance to citizens, as well as indemnification payments to the victims of Nazi pursuits. Today the pension and social payments via PrivatBank are made to over 1,5 million people. 

The national service network

The nationwide network of PrivatBank servicing, including 3,000 branches and offices, allows any client to receive the highest level of banking services virtually anywhere in Ukraine. The wide range of PrivatBank's foreign partners not only demonstrates its position as a competent participant of the world banking system but also, and most importantly, allows it to completely satisfy the necessities of the bank's clients in their international activites. PrivatBank has tight relations with the largest foreign banks, co-operating with them in different segments of the financial market. PrivatBank is empowered to service credit lines of the World bank of reconstruction and development (MBRR), European bank of reconstruction and development (EBRR) and German-Ukrainian Fund (GUF) of assistance to small and middle businesses. 

PrivatBank is the leader in presenting innovative bank services

PrivatBank is the acknowledged payment cards' leader in Ukraine. The bank has issued more than 18.6 million plastic cards (36% of the total number of cards issued by Ukrainian banks). PrivatBank's network of servicing plastic cards comprises 6,935 ATMs, and PrivatBank's cards are accepted by more than 53 thousand retail institutions all over Ukraine. The nation wide network of card product services allows PrivatBank to actively inculcate "salary card programs" of payments to employees of the bank's corporate clients. PrivatBank is also the leader in the market of services to individual clients. So, more than 40% of Ukrainian banks' clients accept credits on domestic purchases via PrivatBank's credit programs. 27.8% of total clients choose Privatbank's deposit programs, and more than 26% of clients perform the currency exchange operations in the bank. Almost 21% of the clients of all Ukrainian banks' choose PrivatBank while opening accounts and more than 15% utilize PrivatBank's services for money transfers. 

PrivatBank is a team of highly skilled specialists

Reliability and quality of bank transactions depends in a great deal on the experience and competence of its specialists. Today the personnel of PrivatBank have a team of highly skilled specialists that are able to solve the most intricate problems in a timely manner, and satisfy the growing necessities of bank services to its clients. Right now, more than 30 thousand employees work at PrivatBank, including 2,500 specialists at its head office. The average age of the bank's employees is 34 years. Most employees of PrivatBank (75%) have higher education, to meet properly all the requirements of their positions. PrivatBank makes it very easy for its employees to upgrade their education (including higher school and secondary higher education), more than 50% employees are annually promoted.

e-mail: hotline@pbank.com.ua
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