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In the framework of the current Ukrainian legislation, PrivatBank guarantees the non-disclosure of information on operations, accounts, deposits of its clients and partners. All employees of the Bank a charged to keep Bank Secrecy.

PrivatBank issues its balance sheets quarterly, and also reports on its incomes\losses via newspapers  "Uryadovyy Courier", "Holos of Ukraine" or via other official edition within a month, following after a corresponding quarter.

The Bank publishes its annual financial statements, confirmed by an independent audit company, via newspapers "Uryadovyy courier", "Holos of Ukraine" or via other official edition, not later than June 1st, following after a corresponding year.

The financial year of the Bank starts on January, 1st and closes on December, 31st.

The exhaustive information sources on PrivatBank's activities are its website and the annual financial statements. Via privatbank.ua one may get in the know on:

1. Annual reports 

2. Information on General Meetings of Shareholders

3. Incorporate documents and internal regulations of the Bank